The Truth About Performance Reviews!

S3:Ep 8

The Truth About Performance Reviews!

In this episode, we talk frankly and honestly about a very stressful time in most our work lives.  The Annual Performance Review has been a pain point for many of us and this year will be no different.

There are some misconceptions about the annual performance review.  We run down what the review actually is, how you should prepare, what to expect from the meeting, and steps to follow up after the meeting.

But it doesn’t have to be. At the root of us not asking for help is the #fear of a #vulnerable moment being used against us in the future. Although it is counter intuitive in the #workplace, asking for help early and often is a critical key to your #career #success.

If you need some help or advise about specific situations, go  to schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me to strategize and walk through your specific work situation.  In addition, you can always email at  I’m happy to either answer your question or connect you to the right person if I don’t have the answer.



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