Trill Lessons

A FARE Update: Change and Growth

S6: Ep 31
In this episode, Felicia gets candid about the pains of change and growth.

A FARE Update: 4th Quarter

S6: Ep 26
In this episode, Felicia is back! She shares what she has been up to and the radical shifts in thinking she is incorporating into her new workplace modus operandi.

FARE Update

S6: Ep 5
In this episode, we discuss how whiteness will try us, the moments of dehumanization we suffer, and how we have to respond, especially at work.

How To Pick The Right Company

S6: Ep 3
In this episode, we break down how to pick a company to work for after you have decided what you want for your career.

Want To Win At Work? Do The Least!

S6: Ep 2
In this episode, we’re debunking the famous advice “You have to work twice as hard to get half as far.” We’ve come with receipts!

Dropping Gems with Chris The Editor

S5: Ep 29

In this episode, Chris and I have a catch-up and discuss what I’m learning in my new job. In this convo, I drop all the gems from the lessons I have learned so far. #TakeSomeNotes

Producer’s Cut: Mid-Year Check-In: How Are You Tracking On Your Objectives?

S5:Ep 18
In this Producer’s Cut, we talk about what you need to do to set yourself up for success for the rest of the year. 
We are past the halfway point for the year.  How are you tracking?  Are you going to hit your deliverables by the end of the year?  Are you working toward your next promotion?  How is that going?   
Even if the first half hasn’t started out so well or gone as planned.  I have intentionally created 3 points of homework for you to implement this month.  My goal is that you go to work with intention and a plan to thrive!

Producer’s Cut: The Truth About Failure!

S5:Ep 14 Producer’s Cut

In this episode, I speak from my heart about failure and give practical tips to minimize failure in your role.  Many times we agree to be held to a standard of success that we did not define.  Many times we don’t know what the expectations of us are.  How can we exceed goals we don’t know or understand?

The key is in this episode.

Hint: Tap into your inner Claire Huxtable

The Silence Is Deafening: Black Lives Don’t Matter

S5: Ep 11
In this episode, I talk about how to survive showing up at work while dealing with the continuous killing of black people.

Sis, They Won’t Promote You? LEAVE!!!

S5: Ep 6
In this episode, I discuss the tell-tale signs that it’s time for you to find a new career opportunity.

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