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  1. combination of the words true and real to mean being true to one’s self and real with all
  2. used in hip-hop culture to describe someone who is considered to be well respected, coming from a combination of the words “true” and “real”

“she’s too trill to ever tell a lie “

Being You, A Black Woman, is hard…especially in Corporate America. There are too many hurdles thrown at us as we try to climb the ladder of success. From micro-aggressions against you and your hair to the lack of advocates and sponsors everyone needs. Someone please just tell us what to do to make corporate America work for us!

The Trill MBA Show is here to help you fight these battles by giving you the strategies that work, straight…no chaser. With our host, Felicia aka The Trillest MBA you will ever know, the Trill MBA Show curates the real truth to help you survive and thrive in Corporate America.

Tune in every week, for the tactics and tips you need to not only survive but also thrive in Corporate America. All while laughing with The Trillest MBA you will ever know!!!

About The Trillest MBA You Will Ever Know

Felicia Ann Rose Enuha is a  Comedian, Speaker, and Podcaster, serving as Executive Producer and Host of the Trill MBA Show- The Career Management Podcast For Black Women.  As the Trillest MBA you will ever know, Felicia’s goal is to help people survive and thrive in corporate America with her uniquely frank and honest humor.

By day, Felicia is a marketing executive who works for global Fortune 500 companies. She holds a BA Degree in Liberal Arts from The University of Texas at Austin, and an MBA degree from Indiana University, Kelley School of Business, where she was a Consortium for Graduate Study in Management Fellow.  In addition to podcasting and marketing, the National Black MBA Association Lifetime member also runs the Trill MBA Career Consulting Services, providing group and individual career navigation and interview preparation consulting.

Felicia is extremely passionate about creating opportunities in Corporate America for underrepresented minorities. She expresses her passion by helping current and future MBAs create their dream careers. Hailing from the small city of Victoria, Texas, Felicia firmly believes life is not about where you start.


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