FARE Update

Merry Trill Christmas

S6: Ep 35
In this Season 6 Finale episode, Felicia talks about what you should be doing in these last days of 2022 to get ready for 2023.

A FARE Update: Change and Growth

S6: Ep 31
In this episode, Felicia gets candid about the pains of change and growth.

A FARE Update: 4th Quarter

S6: Ep 26
In this episode, Felicia is back! She shares what she has been up to and the radical shifts in thinking she is incorporating into her new workplace modus operandi.

FARE Update: Sometimes You Need A Break

S6: Ep 17
In this episode, I share why I went MIA and a surprise coming in the next few episodes.

FARE Update

S6: Ep 5
In this episode, we discuss how whiteness will try us, the moments of dehumanization we suffer, and how we have to respond, especially at work.

Dropping Gems with Chris The Editor

S5: Ep 29

In this episode, Chris and I have a catch-up and discuss what I’m learning in my new job. In this convo, I drop all the gems from the lessons I have learned so far. #TakeSomeNotes

A FARE Update


In this brief episode, I give an update on what’s going on with me while I’m still on hiatus. I also talk about how I choose me over work now by filling my cup up before I pour it out. It feels good.

A Surprise Is Coming


In this brief episode, I share a surprise for the next few episodes of the show.

A FARE Update


In this brief episode, I give an update on what’s going on with me and what I have been up to while on a hiatus.

A FARE Update: Take Your Vacation

S5 Update 2

In this short update, I want to take a minute to talk about what’s coming up after the Memorial Day holiday.

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