Hooky Day 2020: You Deserve A Day Off!

S4:Ep 29

Hooky Day 2020: You Deserve A Day Off!

In this episode, Felicia’s good friend and B-School classmate, Erayna Sargent, is back on the show to encourage us to participate in the second annual Hooky Day, October 20, 2020!

Erayna shares her tactics for self-care and combating burnout.  She breaks down how she built her Burnout Battle Team.  You don’t want to miss this info.

Learn More About Hooky Day October 20, 2020!!!  Take the Day OFF!  Go VOTE EARLY!

Do you feel like you can’t take time off? Let’s strategize on how you prep your manager to take time off.  Schedule a coaching call HERE.

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Gloria Alamrew Black Women don’t recognize they are struggling Tweet Mentioned

Erayna recommended The Body Keeps The Score by  Bessel van der Kolk M.D.

To learn more about Hooky Wellness visit:
Contact Erayna directly for Hooky Wellness, life coaching, corporate wellness workshops or collaborations opportunities- erayna@hookywellness.com

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