Stop Doing The Black Sh*t At Work!

S3:Ep 5

Stop Doing the Black Sh*t At Work!

In this episode, the first for Black History Month, I’m simply laying out the rationale for you to stop taking on Diversity and Inclusion work that is not in your job description.

We need to Stop Doing the Black Shit at Work!  Especially if the company is the equivalent of a Fuck Boy.

They don’t deserve our time, our efforts, or our energy if they are only keeping up appearances and not truly trying to move the needle to increase Diversity and Inclusion.

I encourage you to contribute to the company’s culture in ways that the majority group contributes in order to fulfill performance review obligations.  Especially if the majority are not involved in Doing the Black Shit at Work and especially when you see the senior leaders could care less.  Focus On Your Check!

If you see that your company is focused on the four critical levers below, then by all means, help where you can… but only if you see them acting right:

  1. Leadership should regularly review talent pipelines and monitor attrition and promotion rates for diverse talent.
  2. They should aim to attract talent with a focused strategy that targets diverse populations.
  3. Inclusion and diversity initiatives should be clearly stated in the global business strategy.
  4. The results should be measured, and achievement should be rewarded.


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