If My Open Letter Made You Mad…..

S4:Ep 15

If My Open Letter Made You Mad….. You Might NOT Want To Listen To Me Talk About You In This Episode

In this episode, I follow up on the open letters I wrote on LinkedIn and I spill the tea.  Yes, I did! Because it needs to be confronted and called out.

Also, I need folks to understand, YOU DON’T WANT THIS SMOKE!  Besides, I got my MBA! It doesn’t say “MBA Candidate” on my resume. Focus your energy on getting yours!

The First Open Letter I wrote.

The Second Open Letter I wrote.

Tips regardless of your education:

  1.  You Manage Your Energy!  You can’t control much, but you can control your energy.  If you let others take it, that’s on YOU!  Own that, learn, and do better next time.
  2. Find Your Fertile Ground!  If you don’t work for a company that values your voice, allows you to create safe spaces, recognizes your humanity and work…. Leave.  Find that company where you can learn, grow, and be seen & heard.
  3. Silence Is NOT An Option!  Please be encouraged to speak truth to power.  Not everyone is going to like it but do what you believe is right!  Follow your heart and your intuition.   You will make the world a better place.

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