New Year! New Decade! New Season!

S4:Ep 1

New Year! New Decade! New Season! 

Happy New Year!!!  Welcome to Season 4!!!

In this episode, Felicia breaks down what to expect this season.  We have a new FOCUS and framework to create content to help you obtain your best possible outcome, Inside and Outside the Workplace.

This season we are FOCUSED on:

  • Mindset– Creating A Winner’s Mindset
  • Resources– Finding and Uncovering the Tools of Success Available to US.
  • Tactics– The How To’s and What To Do’s on Your Career Journey

New This Season:

Corporate Warrior Spotlight (CWS)-  Each week we will celebrate a Black Woman climbing the ranks in the corporate world and making her Black Girl Magic Mark on the world.   To Nominate a Black Woman, email us at and put Corporate Warrior Spotlight in the subject line.

Our first CWS is Tia Cummings.  Tia is one of my friends in real life. Tia joined Walker & Company Brands (makers of Bevel and Form Beauty), a Procter & Gamble company leadership team as Vice President of Marketing this past November. An Effie Award-winning marketer, Cummings is recognized for her strategic approach to global marketing and brand performance. With 15+ years of experience, she has cultivated her expertise across major companies such as L’Oreal, Johnson & Johnson, and Kellogg’s. Recently, Tia was recognized as of Brand Innovator’s 40 Under 40 2019 honorees (South Division.)
Tia received her B.S. in chemical engineering at Hampton University and earned her MBA from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University.
Congrats Tia on the world recognizing that you are an all-around badass. I’m very proud to call you my friend.

Listener Letters–  If you have a situation that we can all learn from, email us at  We will not use real names.  Put Listener Letter in the subject line to let us know we can read your letter on the show.

This week, “Alicia” asks about a bad performance review based on untruths which lead to her being given a termination notice a month out.  The weirdest thing I have seen.  The Owner is HR, the manager that wrote the review has left the company and, even though it’s a small company, Where’s the PIP?

The Most Important Thing–  We will end every episode with the most important thing you should take away from your time with us.    This week is all about intention and Career Mindset.

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