You Have To Manage Your Manager!

S3:Ep 28

You Have To Manage Your Manager!

In this episode, I explain why you must manage your manager. Unfortunately, this task falls on you.  So today  I lay out why managing your manager is very important, how to determine the type of manager you have, and how to build a positive relationship with your manager, even if you don’t like her.

I explain:

  • What managing up really means
  • The 9 types of bosses you may have and how to think through managing them
  • The rules of engagement you need to enact to manage your manager and build a stronger relationship
  • Why you never show your frustration with your boss
  • The eight-count laugh
  • Contrived Vulnerability

Remember, You got this…. now go forth and be great!!!

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Nine Types of Managers:

  1. A brand new boss, someone you’ve never met before.
  2. A manager you don’t see face-to-facebecause she works in another location
  3. An insecure boss (hint: it’s important to know how to tame his ego)
  4. An all-knowing or indecisive boss
  5. A manager who gives you conflicting messages
  6. A long-winded boss
  7. A hands-off boss
  8. A manager who isn’t as smart as you
  9. A boss that’s actually a board of directors :

Note in this article: In dealing with superiors, subordinates must navigate through a minefield of potential disasters by continually asking themselves six questions.

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