Summer Internship Red Flags: Is This Company A Match or Nah?

S3:Ep 23

Summer Internship Red Flags: Is This Company A Match or Nah?

It’s that time of year again….Summer Internships.  In Season 2 I did an episode called Secure The Internship Bag: Summer Schmoney Moves and a part 2 called Internship Midpoint: Summer Schmoney Moves Part 2.  In those episodes, I focused on very tactically tips for your whole summer.

In this episode, I want to focus on the signs you need to pay attention to as you complete your internship.  There are clear RED FLAGS, that will tell you that you need to run far away after your internship is over … even if you secure a full-time offer to join them after you graduate.  Some Bags Just Ain’t Worth It.

I Share:

  • What signs you should look for to distinguish good company culture from bad
  • What behaviors your manager should exhibit
  • How to tell if your main project is setting you up for success or not

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