Our Fear of the Whites

S6: Ep 9

Our Fear of the Whites

In this episode, we discuss the construct of whiteness, our real fear of it, how it shows up at work, and how to maneuver around it. All while not being afraid any longer. If the worse they can do is fire you, then you have nothing to be afraid of.

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Corporate Warrior Spotlight: Gail Evans- Executive Vice President, Chief Digital and Technology Officer for Disney Parks, Experiences and Products

In her new role, Evans will oversee the development and implementation of the technology and digital strategy and capabilities roadmap for Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, driving innovative solutions and managing system strategies for its businesses around the world. She will lead a global team of more than 3,000 digital, data, operations, technology, creative, and product professionals.

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Disney Parks, Experiences and Products names Gail Evans as new Chief Technology Officer – New York Amsterdam News

Photo Credit: https://leanin.org/research/state-of-black-women-in-corporate-america/section-6-address-bias-in-hiring-and-promotions

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