Don’t Be Scurred! Just Ask For Help

S3:Ep 6

Don’t Be Scurred! Just Ask For Help 

In this episode, we discuss the Black Woman’s Achilles’ Heel…..  Asking For Help.

I wanted to talk about the fear of asking for help, how to ask for help, and tips to set yourself up for success. So I called one of the sharpest and baddest Corporate Warriors, one of my favorite mentees, Jessika Banks.  You may remember Jessika from last season when we talked about lessons learned from her MBA internship and how not getting the full time offer was the best BLESSING God disguised.

Jessika currently resides in Washington, DC, where she works as an Initiative Development Manager for the FinTech division of a major regional bank. A recent MBA graduate of the Manderson Graduate School at The University of Alabama, this strategy maven lives out her passion by creatively solving challenges experienced by the digital transformation of the retail banking industry.  Jessica is also passionate about Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and serves as President of the bank’s DC Chapter of the African-American ERG.

I also created the 3 Step Sure Fire Method to Ask For Help, Without Getting Dinged.  To get this guide, Join Our Safe Space

If you need some help or advise about specific situations, go  to schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me to strategize and walk through your specific work situation.  In addition, you can always email at  I’m happy to either answer your question or connect you to the right person if I don’t have the answer.


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