Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number with Mrs. Adrienne

S3:Ep 26

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number with Mrs. Adrienne.

We have successfully dealt with Sexism, Racism, Classism….  So what’s a little Ageism to US?

In this episode, one of my favorite coaching clients, Mrs. Adrienne, joins me for a conversation on Ageism.  Mrs. Adrienne is a phenomenal seasoned professional and mom to my favorite socialite twins in the whole wide world.  The coolest thing about this mother-daughter trio is that they all hold MBAs.

In 2018, Mrs. Adrienne found herself impacted by a huge corporate restructuring. She shares her story of being a seasoned professional back in a job market that isn’t the most appreciative of older workers.  You will leave this conversation inspired and limitless.

We talk about:

  • What Mrs. Adrienned learned while on a career break
  • Job search tips for seasoned professionals
  • Recognizing limiting beliefs and how to move past them
  • The benefits (read: selling points) of being a seasoned professional

Share this episode with your aunties, moms, and grannies and keep all these tips in your back pocket…cause God willing you too will get “old.”

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