Internship Midpoint: Summer Schmoney Moves Part 2

S2:Ep 7

Internship Midpoint: Summer Schmoney Moves Part 2

In the last episode we talked about setting yourself up for success from the start of your summer internship.

Today we talk about where you are halfway through your summer internship. What success should look like.  If your experience isn’t looking like this, we discuss what you can do to possibly salvage the tail end of your experience and gain an offer…. MAYBE!  And I go in on this episode!

Joining me today is Jessika, a former intern at the previous global CPG I worked for.   Jessika is smart and ambitious and one to watch. She holds and MBA from the University of Alabama and is a go getter rock star ready to take the corporate world by storm. I was fortunate enough to meet Jessika at National Black MBA Conference where we recruited her for our MBA summer internship program.

If you want to attend National Black MBA, you can register here.

🚨 Warning 🚨 

I am ALL THE WAY TRILL on this episode.  I’m passionate about fairness and it’s time we talk about the unfairness that Black Women particularly and people of  color in general experience in these summer internships.



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