Are You Prepared For Sponsorship? The Career Big Game!

S4:Ep 5

Are You Prepared For Sponsorship? The Career Big Game!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!  And A BIG  #F***PETA !!!

In this episode, building from last week’s episode, we focus on getting ready for sponsorship.   Before we start targeting potential leaders in the organization, we some work to do on ourselves first.  Once we have prepped, we give ourselves a better chance when asking for sponsorship.  We talk about building your narrative, understanding your organization, and how NOT to ask for sponsorship.

Corporate Warrior Spotlight:  Ursula Burns, the first and (so far) only Black Woman CEO of a Fortune 500 Company.  Currently, Ursula is the Chairman and CEO of VEON.

The Most Important Thing:  

We get real about why you have to be honest with yourself on this career journey.

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(Forget A Mentor) Find A Sponsor by Sylvia Ann Hewlett

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