National Black MBA Conference Prep with Cherice Williams

S3:Ep 33

National Black MBA Conference Prep with Cherice Williams

It’s that time of year again…. Diversity Recruiting Season and we are in the thick of it.  In a little over a month, National Black MBA Association will host its annual Conference and Exposition in Houston, TX.

Last season, Season 2 Episode 11, I gave you the rundown about what the organization is, my personal experiences at the conference, and baseline what you need to do to prepare if you are going to the career fair.

In this episode, I expound on that episode and get into what you should do now to prepare for the conference. Joining me, my friend and current President of the DFW Chapter of the National Black MBA, Cherice J. Williams.

Cherice and I share:

  • In hindsight, what we would have done differently at our first conference
  • How to think through preparing for the career fair
  • The mindset of the recruiters and interviewers
  • Tips for preparing for the conference in Houston

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