How This MBA Rock Star Connects the Dots of Success

S3:Ep 39

How This MBA Rock Star Connects the Dots of Success

In this episode, I chat with one of my favorite Mentees turned Mentor.  In four short years, she has built an amazingly supported career at her current company.  Today, she shares how she has connected the dots of corporate success, allowing her to build a great reputation, solid sponsor relationships and gain the label of high performing/high potential talent.  Although I would love to tell you who she is and where she works, it’s more important to deliver these career nuggets without pause or hesitation.

Rock Star MBA and I Discuss:

  • The Importance of Showing UP and Doing the WORK
  • How She Looks For the “Cheat Codes” at Her Job
  • How She Dealt With Organizational Change Her 1st Year Post MBA
  • How She Uses the Culture’s Currency to Put Points on the Board
  • How She Manages Being an Introvert in an Extrovert’s World
  • Being Vulnerable and Honest in a Thoughtful and Intentional Way
  • How She Gains and Builds Sponsor, Advocate, and Mentor Relationships

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Carla Harris

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