Intimidating The Whites At Work? How You Can Address This Feedback

S3:Ep 21

Intimidating The Whites At Work? How You Can Address This Feedback

For all my Side Hustles, I had to take a bit of detour for the last episode of May.  I do have one more special episode for you to come in July.  Timing with the special guest didn’t work out…but keep rocking with me, I got you!  #WeAllWeGot

Happy Memorial Day!

In this episode, I address the very annoying, frustrating, and disheartening feedback that we are intimidating to our coworkers….specifically our white coworkers.  If you haven’t received this feedback, may you never, but just in case, keep the tips in this episode ready.

I Share:

  • You are not alone if you get this feedback.
  • Why Remaining Calm and Smiling is key
  • Questions I have for the whites… Please chime in, I got questions that need answers
  • Info about a course I’m building to help you set yourself up to get promoted within your first 24 months, regardless of your company or boss.  If you are starting a new job soon and interested in setting yourself up for success, email me.

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Mentioned In Episode:

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie


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