Suffering From Burnout? Take off for Hooky Day! w/ Erayna Sargent & Kortney Carr

S3:Ep 41

Suffering From Burnout? Take off for Hooky Day! w/ Erayna Sargent & Kortney Carr

In this episode, Felicia’s good friend and B-School classmate Erayna Sargent Takes Over the Podcast with a passionate message about why you need to take care of yourself and start with taking off for Hooky Day, October 22, 2019!

Erayna shares her story of burnout and how her rock bottom inspired her to become a wellness champion and create her start-up, Hooky Wellness.  She also brings on her actual therapist, Kortney Carr to have a Trill conversation about therapy.

This is a must-listen for all of us corporate warriors. 

Hooky Day 2019 is almost here! On October 22nd, professionals everywhere will take the day off and repurpose for self-care.

Hooky Day is a campaign to promote immediate, intentional actions one can do to relax, repair & strengthen their mental health.

How will you Hooky?

To learn more about Hooky Wellness visit:
Contact Erayna directly for Hooky Wellness, life coaching, corporate wellness workshops or collaborations opportunities-

Learn more about Kortney Carr and her KC based therapy practice A Life’s Journey

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