F*ck Your Likeability: Just Be Your Black A$$ Self


F*ck Your Likeability: Just Be Your Black A$$ Self

with Tiffany Samuels

Raise your hand if you are struggling or have struggled with likeability and relatability at work….struggled so much that you were passed over for promotion or you were pushed out of the company.

I would say this episode is for you, but it’s actually more for the companies and managers that need to, stop hating us, recognize us and set us up for success.

Email us at Ask@trillmba.com if you want me to email this episode to anyone at your company.  I’m So Serious!!!

Shout out to Alex Merritt, The Love Engineer❤❤ Creator & Host of Dessert & Discussion 🍰

Check out her website: dessertanddiscussion.com

IG: @dessertanddiscussion

Facebook: @dessertanddiscussion

Shout out to Bozoma Saint John, Chief Brand Officer @Uber

I call her Corporate Khaleesi.  The definition of Successful Authentic Self.

IG: @badassboz  Post I referenced: https://www.instagram.com/p/BhzYQy2D60p/?taken-by=badassboz










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