Is Corporate America Using US? My #EssenceFest Recap

S3:Ep 29

Is Corporate America Using US? My #EssenceFest Recap

Two weeks ago, I was in New Orleans, Louisiana, living my best life with my cousins and friends, enjoying my friends work perks, and soaking in all the melanated joy of the 25th Annual Essence Festival.

In this episode, I’m going to share what I learned during my 4 days in Nawlins and give you some things to think about as we continue on our corporate journeys.

I share:

  • Why it’s important to reconnect with the people you love
  • Witnessing the magic of black women
  • What I learned from meeting Demetria Lucas
  • How Michelle Obama snatched my edges
  • Why I felt used by Corporate America as a black woman

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