Mid-Year Evaluations, Managing Up, and a Fish Fry (EDIT)

S2: Ep 5

Mid-Year Evaluations, Managing Up, and a Fish Fry (EDIT)

I love my friends.

I’m an only child and in the past 5 years my immediate family, my mother and grandmother, have passed away.

So my friends have become my family.   And I’m fiercely protective of them and loyal to them.

They keep me smiling when the weight of the world is entirely to heavy for me.  When I start to allow the depression and the weight of working in corporate America to crush my soul…they lift me up.

Everytime I decide to give up, they call as if on cue, knowing that I have to stick around this world until God says so, not me.

One night, in my neighborhood of Light Farms, I fried some fish.

We encouraged each other and then we got creative….  I hope you have as much fun listening as we had making this track.   God Please Bless Us All.



FARE aka The Trillest MBA You Will Ever Know.


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