Holiday Wine Down With My Mentor, Joanna Reddick (Part 2)

S3:Ep 52

Holiday Wine Down With My Mentor, Joanna Reddick (Part 2)

In this episode,  this is the second part of the conversation I had with one of my very accomplished mentors, Joanna Reddick.  Joanna and I were having an impromptu mentoring chat.  I had the great idea of pulling out the microphones to catch all the nuggets that Joanna was dropping.  This conversation was so good, we had to put it in two parts.  This is part 2.

Now listen….I was drinking, I was drinking….don’t judge me.

Despite the wine,  Joanna and I talked about:

  • Having a good manager
  • The importance of mentors
  • What mentoring has meant to us
  • What we learned from dealing with Life Stuff (i.e. illness and death of parents)
  • What a good supervisor looks like
  • When to stay and when to leave

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