Remix: Sponsors w/ Michelle Silverthorn

S4:Ep 4

Remix: Sponsors with Michelle Silverthorn

Hey Guys…I’m working on a very tactical show for next week, breaking down how to build your Sponsor Hit List.  The show will be a step by step guide on building sponsor relationships.

To prep for next week, we are doing a remix of season 3, episode 9 where Michelle Silverthorn breaks down what a sponsor is and how we should think about sponsor relationships.

S3:Ep 9

How To Get You Some Sponsors with Michelle Silverthorn!

In this episode, Michelle Silverthorn, Founder and CEO of Inclusion Nation, a diversity consulting firm based in Chicago, joins me for a TRILL convo about Sponsors. We break down what are they, why they are critical to your career success, and what you need to think about when working to gain Sponsor relationships in your organization.

You don’t want to miss one minute of this episode.  Michelle keeps it all the way TRILL, dropping all the nuggets you need to gain sponsors at work.

Check out Michelle’s TED talk mentioned in the episode:

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