Sis, You Gotta Raise Yo Hand

S4:Ep 3

Sis, You Gotta Raise Yo Hand

In this episode, we explore why we should raise our hands and tell our organizations that we want to be developed and groomed to become Executive Talent.   Many of us are talking ourselves out of being C-Suite executives.  Today, we explore why we shouldn’t do this and the things we can control on our C-Suite journey.

Ladies, on this MLK Day, let’s honor the black and brown people that did the work that bust open doors for us to shine today!  Let’s Raise Our Hands to all the opportunities!

Corporate Warrior Spotlight:  Rosalind Brewer, COO and Group President, Starbucks

Listener Letters:  If you have a situation that we can all learn from, email us at  We will not use real names.  Put Listener Letter in the subject line to let us know we can read your letter on the show.

This week Kelley wrote in to ask what to do because she thinks that she has outgrown her mentor.

The Most Important Thing:

If you take nothing else away from this episode, please take that you need to raise your hand.  Claim what role you want.  Believe in yourself and your abilities. No one has the gifts and abilities that you do.  You just have to trust yourself.  You got this.

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