Nuggets: A National Black MBA Recap

S2:Ep 12

Nuggets: A National Black MBA Recap

Today I’m recapping the National Black MBA Association Conference.

First, I talk about what you should be doing now if you invested and attended the conference.

Second, I share my experience and the nuggets I took away from the conference.  I left the conference truly inspired this year.

And lastly, I discuss my final thoughts on the experience overall and what you should do now to prep for next year’s conference in Houston, TEXAS.  (Home of Beyoncé!)

Also, starting with this episode, you will get a new Career Tip, Trick or Hack to help you get to your Best Possible Outcome or BPO for short.  This week’s BPO Career Tip is STEP 1 for winning at work!  It’s not always easy to do, but we can all do it.

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