Career Management Tactics

Work Protocols: Sh*t You Need To Know For The Workplace Pt. 4

S5: Ep 33

In this episode, we focus on the importance of confidence in the workplace and how to hold on to it!

Work Protocols: Sh*t You Need To Know For The Workplace Pt. 3

S5: Ep 32

In this episode, we focus the number one thing you need to do when starting a new job to set yourself up for success.

Work Protocols: Sh*t You Need To Know For The Workplace Pt. 2

S5: Ep 31

In this episode, we focus on interviewing, externally and internally. Why? Because so many of you are doing it WRONG.

Work Protocols: Sh*t You Need To Know For The Workplace Pt. 1

S5: Ep 30

In this episode, I’m keeping it short and just giving you the tips and tactics. Today we focus on prioritization. Why it’s important and how to get it done.

Companies Are F-boys, Treat Them Accordingly

S5: Ep 28

In this episode, I’m here to challenge your perspective around the fear of setting boundaries at work.

If work is stressing you right now, and you feel like you have no options, this episode is for you.

Producer’s Cut: You Have To Manage Your Manager!

S5:Ep 19

In this Producer’s Cut, I explain why you must manage your manager. Unfortunately, this task falls on you.  So today  I lay out why managing your manager is very important, how to determine the type of manager you have, and how to build a positive relationship with your manager, even if you don’t like her.

Producer’s Cut: Mid-Year Check-In: How Are You Tracking On Your Objectives?

S5:Ep 18
In this Producer’s Cut, we talk about what you need to do to set yourself up for success for the rest of the year. 
We are past the halfway point for the year.  How are you tracking?  Are you going to hit your deliverables by the end of the year?  Are you working toward your next promotion?  How is that going?   
Even if the first half hasn’t started out so well or gone as planned.  I have intentionally created 3 points of homework for you to implement this month.  My goal is that you go to work with intention and a plan to thrive!

How Speaking Can Help You Grow Your Professional Brand w/ Tricia Richards-Service

S5: Ep 13
In this episode, I dive into how we can all manage our professional brands with Tricia Richards-Service, Communications Professor at Temple University and Founder and CEO of I Need A Speaker, a service that connects experts with audiences by making it easy to locate speakers.

Build Your Relationship Wall Part 2

S5: Ep 12
In this episode, I follow up on Episode 7 and do the double click on strategically building a relationship wall of advocates.

Do Black Lives REALLY Matter?: Lessons From The Coca-Cola Company Restructure Pt 2

S5: Ep 10
In this episode, I take a deeper dive into my workplace experiences after the death of George Floyd and BLM social media posts.

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