Back To Work After A Career Break: An Update w/ Tiffany Samuels

S3:Ep 31

Back To Work After A Career Break: An Update w/ Tiffany Samuels

In this episode, my B-School Bestie and I drop nuggets during this update convo. Last year we sat down to talk about how the huge losses of our mothers have shaped our thoughts on career and taking career breaks.  You can check out our shenanigans in that episode here.

Tiffany and I talk about going back to work after the career break, things we wish we would have done on our breaks, and our biggest life takeaways since our last episode.

We had some go to church moments so let me know if you feel the holy spirit during this episode.

Tiffany and I  share:

  • Why and how you should be intentional about your time during your career break
  • Why you should find a role that gives you energy and not zapping your energy
  • Why we need to put ourselves first
  • Why Adulting is so important, even though we don’t want to
  • Why focusing on gratitude is key to your success

*Warning: The n-word is used more than a Boondocks episode*

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