Work Sound Bites Are A Must

S1:Ep 17  

Aired June 5, 2017 on
Work Sound Bites Are A Must

In the last episode of the first season of The Trill MBA Show, we walk about the things you Can and CANNOT share in the office.  You know, for the small talk on Monday Mornings…..that inevitable question: How was your weekend?  The answer is not just, “It was good.”  In a world where building relationships is key to your success, you must master the art of Work Sound Bites.  

Mind you, do we take a tangent to talk fanning for Beyonce and Michael Jackson.  Appropriate to love both openly at work!

The Trill MBA Crew announces leaving DFWiRadio for a syndicated podcast for Season 2.  We want to thank DFWiRadio for being our Day 1.  It’s was so much fun….the best is yet to come!

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