Work BFF’s

Aired January 30, 2017  on
Work BFF with Jasmine Artis

Listen, I get it, you work with these people, they ain’t your friends…. Listen Linda Listen…everyone needs a Work BFF. I know, it’s hard to trust the people at the cube farm, but today we are going to help you identify the safe place that calms your soul and makes you laugh Monday through Friday….and possibly hanging out on the weekends too.

Jasmine and I are two peas in a pod at work.  We work hard, we happy hour harder.  Having a safe space at work is so important for your success and longevity in corporate America.  You will go through things, and you need that person who is going to not only be your ear, but keep it real with you, tell you when you are wrong, and most importantly, tell you that you ARE NOT crazy.  

In this episode, Jasmine and I do what we do best cut up and give great advice on being and having a great Work BFF.

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