Triggered w/ Tiffany Samuels – COVID-19 WFH Edition

S4:Ep 9

Triggered w/ Tiffany Samuels – COVID-19 WFH Edition

In this episode, I catch up with my b-school bestie, Tiffany Samuels, while we bask in all the glory of working at home during a Global Pandemic.   This was supposed to be uplifting but… CoronaVirus!  I was clearly on 10 in this episode.

We catch up, laugh to keep from crying, and have a trill conversation about what we are doing to survive work and a virus that is currently taking black people out like melanin seeking missiles.

WARNING: YOU MAY BE TRIGGERED….. as we do discuss our PTSD from past workplaces:

  • Being Asked to Turn On Conference Video
  • Desktop Shaming
  • Watching What Time I Arrive and Leave
  • Ego Driven People Managers
  • Fixing My Face or Not

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