A Love Life IS Good For Your Career! Part 2

Winners of the I DECLARE LOVE Tickets: Anitra B., LaTarro T., Lakeisha W.

S5:Ep 3

A Love Life IS Good For Your Career! Part 2

Happy Sunday!  

I’m in TEXAS y’all…. Pray for US.

In this episode, I continue my chat with Dating Coach, Matchmaker, and host of the Dating, Relationships, and Love podcast, Tennesha Wood.

Telling WAY TOO MUCH of my business….  

We are laughing a lot while Tennesha continues to drop GEMS and we finish discussing the lessons we have learned on our journeys in our work life and love life.

Spoiler Alert: Relationships are GOOD for your CAREER!

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Tennesha Wood is a dating coach, matchmaker, and founder of The Broom List; the first and only matchmaking firm dedicated to pairing marriage-minded Black professionals. DRL episode mentioned: S4:E08 Pure Potential





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