Breaking From the Norm

S2:Ep 3

Breaking From the Norm 

with Katrina McGhee

Many of us were told, “ Go to school, Get your degree, Get a good job, Go to Grad school, Get another degree, Get a higher paying job…..”  As if these were the keys to a happy and fulfilled life.   But what do you do when you did that and you find yourself stuck, unfulfilled and just tolerating life?

Katrina McGhee is many of us.  She comes from humble beginnings.  Followed the sage advice of the elders, made everyone proud, got the MBA and Corporate Job and Salary….. but still found herself restless and uninspired.

Today we talk with Katrina as she shares her story of how she created change for her life and is now fully conspiring with the universe to build a life inspired.

Need help Breaking the Norm, contact Katrina at where you can listen to her podcast, Break the Norm and read her blog.

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