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Develop Me, Damn It!

Today we talk about tackling The End Of Year Review using Step 3 to your BPO- Best Possible Outcome.  I want to make sure you are getting the development you need, and your manager’s support…even if he or she doesn’t see it for you today….that will all change if you incorporate this advice and the 3 Steps to Your BPO (Best Possible Outcome).

Learn more about Step 1 to Your BPO here:

Learn more about Step 2 to Your BPO here:

Shift Your Energy!

Are you up for the challenge of climbing the corporate ladder and making it to the C Suite?  If you think you have what it takes, this show is here to help.   This episode’s Career BPO Tip is all about Shifting Your Energy so that you can fight the good fight.  I talk about why this is important and give you steps in how to do it!  Please subscribe, rate a 5 and leave a review on iTunes and share this podcast with your 5 best girlfriends. 

Nuggets: A National Black MBA Recap

In this episode, I share the great nuggets I learned from the National Black MBA Conference. Starting this week, you will get a new Career Tip, Trick or Hack to help you get to your Best Possible Outcome or BPO for short. This week’s BPO Career Tip is STEP 1 for winning at work!  It’s not always easy to do, but we can all do it.

National Black MBA Conference

In this episode, I talk about what it’s like to attend the National Black MBA Association Conference & Expo. I share my past conference experiences and my biggest pet peeve about the career fair. I also give you a discount code to a workshop that will help you WIN at the career fair!

You Didn’t Get the Offer: Put Your Tears Away

S2:Ep 10 You Didn’t Get the Offer: Put Your Tears Away

The follow up episode to S2: Ep 7 Internship Midpoint: Summer Schmoney Moves Part 2
In this episode, we talk about what happens when you don’t secure the Summer Schmoney bag and you don’t get a full time offer after your summer internship.  Guess What? More interns DON’T land full-time offers than do.
Joining me is
Nicailla Matthews Okome, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan Class of 2015
Jessika Banks, The Culverhouse College of Business, University of Alabama Class of 2018

Setting Yourself Up For Success

S2:Ep 9
Setting Yourself Up For Success

In S2: Ep 9, I meet with one of my mentees who is about a year into her first job post undergrad.  She has not been set up for success in her current organization.  We talk about how to turn this around and set herself up for success, regardless of the road blocks the organization puts in her way.

Season One Throwback: Self Care

Season One Throwback: Self Care  S1: Ep 7 Recorded March 13, 2017 on

Internship Midpoint: Summer Schmoney Moves Part 2

S2:Ep 7 – Internship Midpoint: Summer Schmoney Moves Part 2

Secure The Internship Bag: Summer Schmoney Moves

S2:Ep 6 – Secure The Internship Bag: Summer Schmoney Moves

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