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Mid Year Check-In Guide to help with your homework from this episode.

Your Homework:

  • Annual Objectives Assessment
  • Analyze Leadership, Influencers, and Culture Power Dynamics
  • Create Relationship Building Roadmap and Execution Plan

Navigating EEOC Claims

There are levels to this.  Going to the EEOC is not step 1 but you have to navigate your career situation with all possible ends in mind.  This guide is built from the nuggets dropped in Season 3 Episode 25 Sis, It Might Be Time To Contact The EEOC with Anitra K. Brown, Esq.   This is not legal advice, please see disclaimer in episode show notes.

Transferable Skills Checklist

The transferable skills checklist is a great tool to help you clarify what skills you have grown throughout your career.  Also great to use when trying to identify your strengths.

Transferable Skills Checklist Part Deux

This is a comprehensive worksheet to work through!!!

3 Step Method to Ask for Help Without Getting Dinged

Asking for Help Can Be Hard. But it doesn’t have to be. At the root of us not asking for help is the fear of a vulnerable moment being used against us in the future. Although it is counter-intuitive in the workplace, asking for help early and often is a critical key to your career success.

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