Discrimination At Ford Motor Company Continues, Another Example w/ Walter Bernard

S3:Ep 32

Discrimination At Ford Motor Company Continues, Another Example w/ Walter Bernard

In the past 2 years, Ford Motor Company has settled with an EEOC Harassment Investigation for $10.125 Million and in March was ordered to pay $16.8 Million to an ex-employee for discrimination and retaliation.  Unfortunately, allegations and lawsuits of discrimination are not new for Ford Motor Company.   In fact, if you do a good Google search, these stories of mistreatment are widespread throughout the company.   Even though they have all the policies in place, deep within the roots of the culture at Ford Motor Company is racism and sexism.  One might even say that they can’t help it, Henry Ford was a racist openly admired by Adolf Hitler. 🤷🏿‍♀️

So how do you manage your career while working for companies like Ford Motor Company, who hold on to such an entrenched culture of racism and sexism?

In this episode, ex-Ford employee, Walter Bernard shares his story of broken promises and discrimination thinly veiled as a layoff.  Walter is an attorney, MBA, author, entrepreneur and former NFL football player.  He worked for Ford Motor Company for 7 years until he was laid off this June 2019.

Walter and I share:

  • The red flags in his recruiting process
  • Why he stayed for 7 years and how a company can string you along
  • Why the annual review process is only on part of the promotion equation
  • Why we must be intentional in our career journeys, despite institutionalized racism
*We reached out to Ford Motor Company for comment and received no response prior to publication.*

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